Going All The Way with Gryphon



Audiophiles familiar with the gentle giant that is Flemming Erik Rasmussen, founder and chief designer of all things Gryphon, will now have to deal with new company CEO Jakob Odgaard. Flemming, as we are all aware, has taken a more backseat role in the management and get a good, deserved rest.

Jakob was down here around these parts to meet and greet with his South East Asian business partners for Denmark’s Gryphon components. Together with Singapore & Malaysia’s distributor, Rave Audio and the friendly and warm TK Han, the Analogue Fellowship had a blast covering Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang in three days.



Well, it wasn’t all work and no play for Jakob, TK Han and Dato Danon. There was the Malaysian hospitality at play that insists the guests eat, drink and eat some more! Over lots of good local food, Jakob revealed more on his mission at Gryphon and what goodies to expect from Gryphon in the coming months…


But first, a little bit on the man himself.


Jakob spent many years at Bang & Olufsen, one of Denmark’s famous lifestyle brands that achieved near universal acclaim for its wonderful design and character. Later on he was attached to an Austrian custom design house doing high end audio-visual fittings on request.

Asked if Gryphon (the company) would chart a new direction in the audio market, Jakob admitted that his first important mission was to immerse himself in the Gryphon culture. The blueprint, as Jakob acknowledges, is very much in line with Flemming’s vision.


“We are now getting back to creating and producing more innovative products in the Gryphon way of things,” said Jakob. “There was a short period when Flemming was not active due to health reasons and our schedule was slightly off target.”


Jakob reassured us that since his appointment, the schedule is back on track and Gryphon fans, or shall we say “Gryphonists”, will be pleased more exciting things are coming soon.


“I want to re-assure our customers and business partners that Gryphon is currently looking at three new products to be launched every 2 years,” said Jakob. “We have committed new team members and have expanded our product lines to satisfy and reach out to new audio lovers.”



In line with that reassurance is also TK Han’s serious commitment to the local audiophile market that the Gryphon brand would be available, with after sales service extended, to all audio lovers.


“Reference Audio Singapore is taking care of the southern parts (Singapore & Johor) while WTL Trading in Melaka and Rave Audio in Kuala Lumpur will look after the needs of central areas,” said TK Han. “And we have opened a new outlet called YY Audio in Ipoh which complements the northern areas together with Hi-Fi Choice Penang on the beautiful island.”


TK Han also commented that since Reference Audio is the main distributor for Gryphon products for Singapore and Malaysia, he will be coming up more often to showcase and introduce new Gryphon products.


“I have always loved Malaysian food and couldn’t get enough of the curry laksa, fresh river fish and plenty more street food found in KL, Melaka, Ipoh and Penang,” confessed TK Han. “I would definitely be around for audio matters and matters of the stomach…”



As for Jakob, the immediate future of the Gryphon brand is looking bright and he needs only to guide it in the right direction following Fleming’s vision.


“I am meeting many dedicated audiophiles in Malaysia who are serious lovers of the Gryphon look and sound,” said Jakob. “I think our main task now is keep our customers happy and hopefully more, new “Gryphonists” will appear as a result.”


Of course, we, at the Analogue Fellowship, are also pleased that Jakob and TK Han are placing such importance on the Malaysian market. Jakob and TK Han are planning a series of events to showcase Gryphon’s line of components and new stuff.



“These are exciting times for Gryphon and Malaysian audiophiles,” said TK Han. “Jakob will make it a point to give priority to our Malaysian market and send us all the goodies.”


So, stay tuned as the Analogue Fellowship will give you a front seat & sweet spot to experience the best from Denmark’s Gryphon brand.