Pilium Audio’s Best got Bested?! The Divine Achilles Stereo Amplifier of Massive Proportions!


Pilium Audio Divine range of amplifiers are massive. Their latest challenge of what is possible, The Divine Achilles stereo amplifier alone is filled with specially designed capacitors that weight 10 kg in total. Now, those capacitors in total is crazily heavy for any amplifier of any size?! The team at Pilium Audio believes that those special capacitors brought about new definition to an even lower octaves of the bandwidth. Expect to experience ‘bass’ like never before from any amplifier?!

The total weight of the stereo amplifier is 120 kg! (just in case you are thinking of handling the amplifier by your lone self)

I was told that the mono amplifier is even crazier!

More to come from the team at Pilium Audio!