Audio Note (UK) M10 Signature tube preamplifier…your last?!


I am blessed to have lived with the Audio Note M10 Signature tube preamplifier for more than a year. Audio Note even replaced the original tantalum volume controls to their latest volume controls which were similarly tantalum based.

In term of sound quality, it is ‘hard to beat’ even at the asking price of near £100,000-00. You may find it hard to believe, including myself but I have yet to come across any tube based preamplifier that near its low noise level, transparency, detail, soundstaging, atmosphere and seductiveness.

Is it the best tube preamplifier out there? To be frank, I don’t really know because I have not hear them all. I am sure, many would claim their choice preamplifier is better than the M10 Signature but my question is whether have they heard the M10 Signature in their system…let alone compare it?!