Audio Tech Ground Boxes on duty with my Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeakers!


Audio Tech in Malaysia has submitted their independent ground boxes and power distributor for review. Their founder, Mr.YF Fong explained to me his ‘ground boxes’ is of passive design and do not have any ‘magical’ ingredients. But hope that their ‘magic’ is in the sound. I admired his honesty

Audio Tech Ground Box may be our answer to a better audio presentation?!

I did plug the ground box through the supplied cable to the ‘Black’ terminal (negative) of the speaker binding post.

Initial impression was that there was no explosion or mishap! Phew!

There was no degradation in sound quality from my Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeakers. If I must, I would say there was a slight improvement over the imaging. Mr. YF Fong did tell me that his ground boxes would take a few days to run in or for the internal substances to settle in and ‘grounded’…stay tuned for the review!