What we will do to the power supply?!

  Most serious audiophile have dedicated power supply into their audio system. Some go further with dedicated transformer based power regulation, stabilizer, filters, grounding system, regenerative power system and more. A more luxurious system may have special cables from the power source to the power distribution box then to the audio system. The list continues with some more tweaks…enjoy

TriangleArt Master Reference turntable with Osiris 2 tonearm and Apollo MC phono cartridge.

  TriangleArt Master Reference Turntable, Osiris 2 Tonearm and Apollo MC phono cartridge. Firstly, A Review I have followed Tom Vu and TriangleArt’s development since before my review of their Apollo MC phono cartridge (available here at analoguefellowship.com). I liked that piece of transducer so much so that I ended up purchasing it. Later, I travelled to and paid Tom …