TOMBO AUDIO Meow from Thailand!

Mr.Vattana Prasertnasung, the head honcho of TOMBO AUDIO (THAILAND) has earned the nick name ‘AUDIO PLAYBOY‘ for the past decade due to his obsession and passion in fine tuning and tweaking the audio system within a space, to the ‘desired audible balance‘, and “without distorting the native characteristic of the audio system per se“.

We decided to meet up at the recent KLAV 2023 audio show in Malaysia, to experience his latest creations…the ‘MEOW‘, an independant passive grounding device with acoustical properties (thus the shape and materials used).

He generously passed me a few ‘MEOWs’ to play at my audio set up.

I will be doing a report of my finding with the ‘MEOW’ in my audio set up soon (after my minor renovation here)…stay tuned.