My first greeting to Geoffrey Heinzel, Managing Partner, R&D, Sales & Marketing from Ascendo was, “Welcome to Malaysia!” at the recent audio event of AV DESIGNS SDN BHD. He shared to us that it was not his first trip to our shore, and to prove that he ended his sentence with our famous ‘…la’ (eg. I know la).

Mr.Heinzel introduced himself, his many years in the audio industry, his audio philosophy, beliefs, expertise and designs,…and the company, ASCENDO. The company may be fairly young (since 1999), however it is already a technological leader in the audio industry.

My question of interest (to me) to him was how best to integrate their infrasonic bass woofer to an analogue stereo system (from an analogue pre amplifier)? He replied that the best integration would be through a digital processor/ interface and/or DSP, due to the complication of achieving correct phase and time alignment, room modes, etc.

Mr. Heinzel did prove his point with his well calibrated home theatre audio system at the showrooms of AV DESIGNS SDN BHD. The bass/ subwoofers were well integrated to the other main and surround speakers in the showrooms,…for both music and the demanding movie soundtracks…”nothing was amissed or lacking in all aural presentations“…IMPRESSIVE!