Have I heard a Better Version?!

I was so excited when my wife told me that the vinyl records have arrived. Then I paused and realised that I did not order any vinyl record recently. Who has sent me?

They were from Andy Lam of MODERN RECORDS, and FUNG HANG RECORD LTD (HONG KONG) that specialised in 1 STEP UHQLP. If any audiophile /vinylphile whom has yet to experience the 1 STEP UHQLP, I am confident that it would be an ‘unforgettable audio sensation‘ . I have done a few media formats listening comparison of the same album, and each time the 1 STEP UHQLP sounded more superior (and not sounded different),…except to the Reel to Reel Tape.

Simply, the 1 STEP UHQLP sounded more into the music,…more intimacy, presence, weight, space, and clearer delineation,…even when compared to the ‘First Pressing’ (if the master tape permits).

It is a copy closer to the master!