Another Veteran Audiophile’s Approach (Part 2)

Recently, I was fortunate to be invited for a one day audio trip to Ipoh, MALAYSIA. There I got to visit three (3) audio set up in their respective dedicated and acoustically treated room. The following was my observations of the first visited audio set up.

The acoustically treated audio room.

The First Visit to MASTER PHAN’s

He was considered a senior audiophile among the many local audiophile there. Even though he may not owned the most expensive audio set up but his many long years of experience in audio-ing was more than sufficient to almost guarantee good quality in sound reproduction from his own (and others’) audio set up. Many local audiophile have enjoyed sound advise and even on hand fine tuning from the master himself.

Master Phan with his audio system that comprised of the AUDIO RESEARCH, WILSON AUDIO, EAR, ESOTERIC, ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE, etc

My second visit (Part 1 available at ‘OPEN DOOR‘) here has proved to me that the master was hard at work improving the sound quality of his audio set up. He has added GIK bass traps, diffusers, SHUN MOOK Mpingo Discs, HARMONIX, ACOUSTICAL SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL (ASI by FRANCK TCHANG) Sugar Cubes room tweaks, etc in the room.

The audio components

The end result was better control over the lower region of frequencies…the bass notes were more delineated, defined and in the right spacing.

The WILSON AUDIO WATT/PUPPY 7 Loudspeaker System

The mid range was more rounded, with appropriate weight.

The previous PASS LABS was changed to the AUDIO RESEARCH Tube Amplifier

The highs were never over bearing even when played loud.

The ACOUSTICS SIGNATURE Turntable and Tonearm

Challenging the Limitations!

Even though the audio room was not huge but the soundscape of the soundstage was generously satisfying. I left that listening session with admiration to the sound quality and more to the master who was never shy from challenging the limitations.