As ‘A Lot (ESTELON) of That’s Zeal (DarTZeel)(Part 2)

Recently, I was told a not so good news…that a dear audiophile, (Mr.) Jei has suffered rain water flooding into his house. Fortunately, his family and himself were safe…however, most of their belongings affixed in the house were damaged beyond repair. Fortunately, most of his audio components were saved except a unit of FRANK ACOUSTICS PB-15000Ws Power Bank (which the manufacturer graciously replaced it at no cost to Jei).

Jei, in good spirit, decided to rethink and redo the acoustic treatment to his audio room (with some assistance from Joseph Ki of AV DESIGNS SDN BHD). After some serious money, effort and time spent in the audio room,…pleased with the fruits of his labor…he decided to invite the gang and I for a sumptuous dinner/ gathering, and a listening session.

Jei has always been a meticulous audiophile…looking at every (even slightest) detail, even at each audio components placement in the audio room.
Here, his main concern was bass management…he found good and positive result from the use of multiple GIK ACOUSTICS Bass Traps, and other branded traps/ absorption to be strategically placed around the audio room.
Even cables were lifted with SHUNYATA RESEARCH DARK FIELD CABLE LIFTERS for better audio quality.
Jei was obsessed with obtaining quietness in audio presentation. He made sure his audio components were properly grounded with ENTREQ OLYMPUS GROUNDING,…and connected with their dedicated ENTREQ GROUNDING CABLES.
ACOUSTIC SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL (ASI by Franck Tchang) RESONATOR and TUNING DEVICES were strategically placed from the floor to the ceiling for improved sound quality in the audio room.
Some ingenuity on the part of Jei for further Grounding.

At that listening session, Jei played a number of genre of musics; soundtrack, classical, big band, live recordings, vocal, jazz, etc.

According to Joseph Ki, whom have been to that audio room more often than the rest of us, the bass was more controlled, defined, articulated and remained nimble, even at unreasonable high SPL. Taking into consideration of the size and squarish shape of the audio room that proved to be problematic especially for the lower region of the frequency bandwidth, and from what I heard there, I could easily accept the result as a step forward.

The resolution and detail retrieval of those high end audio components were presented with portrayal of refinement (as expected from the likes of DARTZELL, ESTELON, PLAYBACK DESIGNS, etc).

The background remained quiet (not to be mistaken as ‘Jet Black’ though) throughout all musical presentations…as expected from careful Groundings.

I left that listening session with admiration and salutation to Jei whom was able to pick up where he was left with. Within a short period of time, a few months (?), he was able to rebuild back not only his audio system but the “AUDIO SET UP”!