MAGNETAR UDP-800 4K BLU RAY PLAYER…Probably the Best Performing Player?

The nice folks at CREATIVE AV SDN BHD sent me their MAGNETAR 4K BLU RAY Player which is made in China…I was unofficially told that it is made by the people whom specialises in upgrading the well known OPPO 4K BLU RAY Players.

Am I looking for a 4K BLU RAY player at this time? Not really…I am more keen towards a Multi Media Streamer. However, I do not stop looking for what is better than what I m using…currently, the PIONEER UDP LX-500 4K BLU RAY Player.

The comparison between 4K BLU RAY Players was done through the LYNGDORF MP-60 AV Processor and the SONY VPL-VW870ES 4K Native Laser Projector.

My usual suspect of 4K Disc is John Wick Chapter 3, the dark battle scenes at the Continental Hotel…it was a hands down no competition,…so much more layering within the blacks and darkish scenes. There was clear contrast between the dark and black suits of the assassins and Joh Wick’s with the dark, lightly lighted surroundings.

The clear layers within the same colors were more apparent,…given more depth to every facet of the picture. There was more dimensional to even the deepest material in the picture.

In term of sound quality, there was more dynamic, attack, punch, bass, presence, clarity and surround effect at Dolby Atmos and DTS.

Highly recommended!