ECHOLE The Ear Opener!

The following was a posted testimony of Mr. Danny Tay (Singapore).


Echole Cables Demo Session with Adrian

I knew Adrian from one of the Hi-Fi forums in Malaysia in 2019. We chit-chat, share experience, etc. like most audiophile kaki (member) does.

He shared there is a range of cables (interconnect, speaker cable, power cables) that will improve my current stereo system. At first, I told myself not again another sale talk. He patiently said I won’t sell you anything. Just wanted to introduce myself to the brand called ECHOLE.

Adrian specially brought down a whole range of cables yesterday morning and smiley told that the dealer has to escort him together during collecting the demos.

During the two hours demo session, I heard something I never heard before, the power cables are quiet, dark, smooth, tight bass (not boomy) type. Next speaker cable with a jumper (speaker is bi-wire) I keep asking him if that is real sounding on my system. I really can’t believe that I heard.

Last, he said let’s connect everything (interconnect, speaker cable, power cables) I feel like I am in a mini concert hall enjoying my music.

I enjoy and unbelieve my basic system can perform what I never heard before.

In the end, Adrian said time out I request to leave the whole setup to me. Too bad he has to return the cables. As dealer needs the cables for the Hi-Fi show coming this October 2022.

I am thankful to Adrian for arranging this session. Will wish to see him soon.

Danny – 21 August 2022