Clear Wave Ahead! (Part 2)

It’s been almost 2 years since I last visited Mr. Loo‘s audio set up. As usual, there is something new in his audio system.

  The FM ACOUSTICS 108 remained his reference mono amplifiers and were tweaked with HARMONIX footers.


 His digital source was tweaked with the newly released AV DESIGNS’ ULTRA POINT cones in 3 piece configuration and, HARMONIX shoes.

After an hour plus of listening to his set up, I realised that Loo has ‘opened up‘ his appreciation of a musical/ audio presentation.

I found the current set up’s audio presentation to be more open laterally, engaging, energetic, dynamic and resolved. The Pace, Rythm and Tempo (PRaT) and, control were of first rate. At the right track/ material, the presentation could be both intimate and defined.

The never ending journey of an audiophile…

                                                                                KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.