A neighbouring audiophile and friend, Mr. Loo has just purchased a set of three (3) “Tuning Cones”, AV DESIGNS ULTRA POINT PRO from the Co. Designer/ Audio Guru, Mr. Joseph Ki (affectionately known as JoKi among the collectors of BBC LS 3/5a mini monitors and, the progenitor of the ‘Ki Method‘ in positioning the LS 3/5a with its AB-1 Woofer/ Stand).


The following is the testimony/ initial impression of the ULTRA POINT PRO Tuning Cones from Mr. Loo,

“I have to admit I’m not too enthusiastically of spikes and footers in the hobby of Hi-fi. However each equipment needs to have a reputable set of foundation for stability supporting is a must. This my understanding and preference in the hobby. Lately the Master Guru for LS 3/5A has given a demo of the Ultrapoint Pro spike in my good friend The Seremban Prince Naim Audio’s audio den and I’m bit itchy to replace my exiting HRS black mooncake type of isolation base. These all about my trust of Master Guru in his isolation and resonance control in audio equipments and machines. Well! Lately I have not much of free playing time so the moment I collected a set of three Ultrapoint Pro spikes and quickly have the replacement done. I have make up my mind to test them on my AA CD player as cd player shall be much easier to point out any differences in performance, perhaps! I also decided to let the Ultrapoint Pro to sit on my Harmonix 909 MK II to in order to create higher level of stability to the cd player the sitting on a piece of glass. Two spikes at the back endpoint (left and right) of the cd player for supporting and remaining one piece I put it right under the centre of the cd transport mechanism. I found this positioning was not good as in the same volume of listening level it seems too loud and forcefully. Just given another attempt of try and pull forward the middle spike from the centre of cd transport to the player facelift. Now, the sounding characteristics suddenly change. No more earlier harshness. The imaging more precise and sharp. Obviously vocal has mush improvement like in live alike and without any placebo effect imagination. Without cranking in high volume and could very easy in listening. Furthermore the bass region has also came with speedy and layering types of extension. That’s all I have for now and definitely will give further try when opportunity allowed”. (unedited)