CHEN JIA “We Meet Again, Teresa” in UHQR/ Ultra-High Quality ONE-STEP!

A new production company, HYPER ANALOGUE PRODUCTIONS together with Michael C. Ross and, at Capitol Studios Hollywood, CA produce the above-mentioned vinyl album of the well received songstress’ rendition of the late TERESA TENG‘s famous songs. The production of the clear vinyl album was done through the highest and latest technology available to this date, at a much higher expense than expected…“quality does not come cheap!”

By the time you read this write up, probably the little remaining copies of the said album will have been sold. I got myself a copy through (Mr.) TK HAN of YY SOUND SYSTEMS SDN BHD at the retail price of RM1250 (around US$310).

The differences between the standard vinyl copy of the said album with this re-mixed in analogue (by Michael C. Ross), remastered (by Bernie Grundman) and produced in UHQR / 1STEP are the quietness of the background, clarity of the instruments and the vocalist, vividness of both micro and macro details, dimensional body and, flow of the musical presentation as a whole.

Therefore, it is like comparing the standard resolution with the high definition resolution…