ECHOLE OMNIA Phono Cable…Hear ’em all!

ECHOLE CABLES have landed in MALAYSIA, under the distributorship of YL AUDIO for some years. I was privileged to have these cables in my system for some months for reviews (available here) and in short, they were marvelous.

A user sent me the attached photo and shared that the ECHOLE OMNIA Phono RCA Interconnect allowed him to hear all the details from his analogue source, the KRONOS PRO LTD Turntable with the BLACK BEAUTY 12″ Tonearm and the ZYX MC Cartridge. I would add that the ECHOLE OMNIA interconnects were vicious in the details but never over exaggerate any particular frequency, detail, and outline…everything was presented naturally and with a feel of luxurism…personally, it was an experience to be savored.