KRONOS DISCOVERY, The Whole New League of Performance?!

Louis Desjardins has been working hard for a number of years, in secret (except to those who are close to him) to come up with the latest flagship and ultimate turntable for his company, KRONOS AUDIO (CANADA) and the world!

I was fortunate enough to be given a hearing (or two) through video call of a “work in progress” DISCOVERY Turntable compared to the KRONOS PRO LTD Turntable…the differences were so huge…it was UNBELIEVABLE! (to say the least)

Retailing around US$98,000-00, it may be considered (ahem) a bargain (?!) comparing to the other offerings of Flagship Turntable of notable brands around the world…enjoy

KRONOS AUDIO is distributed by YL AUDIO in MALAYSIA.