“You play,…I play too” (again)

As most have to stay indoor with plenty of time and space to spare…

I decided to play with the arrangement of my LS3/5(a) mini monitors.

Those whom have followed me thus far will notice that the GRAHAM LS3/5 (signed/demo) mini monitors have been seated on their own speaker stand (local/unbranded) and powered by the (more than a) decade old CONRAD JOHNSON PREMIER 11A Tube (6550) Stereo Amplifier.

Whereas the FALCON LS3/5a GOLD BADGE mini monitors are powered by the ROGUE AUDIO APOLLO Mono Tube Amplifiers. I still find that the LS3/5a prefer a bit of power to shine their best.

Till today, I can still enjoy the LS3/5a in my system and room…theirmusical magic” still warm my audiophile/(my) music loving heart.