SONY VW870ES Laser Projector with AV DESIGNS Team…Round 2

James Tan and his team at AV DESIGNS decided to pay me another visit with the intention of proving to me the importance of additional gain needed at the screen for High Dynamic Range (HDR) projection.

Yes,…it is needed to get the fuller advantage of HDR over Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) of High Definition (1080p Blu Ray).

They brought over a SCREEN RESEARCH Fix Screen 110″ of 1.6x gain to compare with my 1x gain screen. Obviously, there be difference.

However, it was not just brighter and more dynamic picture from the HDR content, but the accuracy of color, more revelation of detail, greater depth, and ultimately more involvement into the picture/story that truly impressed me.

Although it was a short demo at that…I admit that that impression burnt into my mind, heart and soul.