Among the audiophile here and afar, the brand MAGICO spells one of (if not) the very BEST OF FINAL TRANSDUCER (LOUDSPEAKER) an audio system could ever have!

Therefore, many audiophile here would appreciate the excitement I experienced when Mr.TK Han of YY SOUND SYSTEMS SDN BHD informed me that they have been appointed the official distributor for MALAYSIA with effect at 10th March, 2021,…and that a few MAGICO loudspeakers would be coming my way for reviews!

Even though MAGICO was only created slightly more than a decade ago, it has garnered more accolades than most high end audio brands have throughout their existence. 

Their ‘main man’, Alon Wolf, being a perfectionists have strive to design and build loudspeaker that rival or near ‘live music’!

Over the years, top audio reviewers have these to say about MAGICO (following excerpts were taken in short/ not in their entirety)

“…upping the ante on the science of speaker manufacturers…”

“…immaculately voiced…”

“…very, very best that audio has to offer.

…cocky and arrogant…”

“…’the best’…closer to absolute sound.”

“…little or no personality of its own…”

“…standard setter…might take over the loudspeaker world after all. ”

“…some time before anyone catches up…”

“…some truly great ones-sound slightly ‘smeared’ in comparison. ”

“…one of the most-if not the most-significant audio encounters…”

Stay tuned for informations of upcoming MAGICO events at participating local audio dealers:

YY SOUND SYSTEMS SDN BHD, Ipoh > +60 12 584 6520
WTL Trading, Malacca > +606 286 7088
Hi-Fi Choice, Penang > +60 4 2295 880