CONRAD JOHNSON, SKOGRAND & Two (2) Pairs of LS 3/5a…What Great Fun!

After spending some time with this set up, I realised that it has its ways to musicality.

NO, it does NOT sound like my reference system in some ways,…comparatively, there is not enough transient energy, dynamic, attack, detail/resolution, and solidity…

However, there are enough fundamentals in the musical presentation to satisfy even the demanding audiophile. The mid range is judacious and smooth. The high is never shouty and with a tad roll off (never too much). Finally, the low is there with enough presence and surprisingly, in enough quantity.

The magic is NOT in its single attribute but the combination of the above attributes that resulted in the sound “just right” to the (audiophile’s) ears. I can appreciate why there are followers for the LS 3/5a mini monitors…enjoyed