Recently, I learnt of a new product launch from FM Acoustics, their first subwoofer, the TS-1;


“TS-1″ stands for what it is, the first “TRUE SUB”. It excels all subwoofers in true, absolutely uncoloured reproduction. It provides an extention of one octave on corresponding music material. This manifests itself in not just natural extention but – on some recordings – a realistic increase in hall ambience – like in a larger concert hall. Obviously, it is NOT needed for quite a few music styles but does provide the necessary “base” for some realistic – very – full range recordings. Introduced as a surprise in beautiful Ljubliana a good week ago, it met with uncanny approval paired to the full range XS-1C. Reactions were simple: amazement, disbelief, even shock. The ones who believe they are “competing” sure did not like this surprise…The TS-1 requires a new dedicated active crossover that will replace the current XS-1 crossovers (of all versions – “A”, “B” and “C”). This renders the XS-1 a 6-way speaker – and a  nice challenge to set up…”