Mighty Sam McClain & Knut Reiersrud “Tears Of The World”

Sam McClain’s voice, songs and artistry have been in most Audiophile’s mind when it comes to the male vocalist…another worthy album for the collection.

The following is taken from the Tombo Audio MP-05 review,

“Firstly, I used three (3) pieces of MP-05 shoes under the Technics SP-10 to couple the turntable with the HRS platform…all were metal to metal contact. The immediate audible effect was a quieter and darker background, as in Mighty Sam McClain & Knut Reiersrud “Tears Of The World” (ACT 9033-1). That contributed to Sam‘s voice being all thereraw, energetic, focus and concentrate…there was a sensation of nothing was loss in that playback. That same sensation of being all there was at the presentation of the instruments…and that I found the mid to lower bass from the drum to be dynamic, punchy and yet, control at the track, “I Wish I had A Girl Like You (Willie Hale)“”.