Kit Chan (New Century Workshop CD)

I cannot recall how often I have used this album in both LP and CD, for my reviews and ‘Open Door’ sessions…it’s just my favorite.

The following is taken from the review of WADAX ATLANTIS Transport and DAC;

“When it came to (Ms.) Kit Chan‘s vocalization (New Century Workshop/ NCKC10141516-2), I found the WADAX Atlantis combo were able to present articulately the multiple layers of details embedded in her voice to almost a level of mechanical precision. It clearly separate each elements in her voice, breathing, technic, artistry and the flow of air therein. There was a clear demarcation between each element as if a line was spaced between each sentence. Those whom have followed my earlier reviews would have asked, ‘was there the connector, the “emotion“, to connect and hold the elements together to form a “coherent and total” singing of the vocalist?’”