Eiji Oue/Aaron Copland “Fanfare/ Third Symphony”

This is an orchestra piece best use to showcase the audio system’s ultimate performance.

The following is taken from the Nasotec Swing Headshell review,

“Playing a record of massive endeavor such as Eiji Oue conducting The Minnesota Orchestra in Aaron Copland “Fanfare/ Third Symphony” (Reference Recordings RM-1511, 200g Vinyl), where at “Fanfare for the Common Man”, I find the presentation reminded me of my Clearaudio Statement Linear arm on its Statement turntable. Especially in the area of presenting the width and the height of the soundstage,…and the airiness of the recording hall of Minneapolis Orchestra. Within that ‘dimensional soundstage‘, the images of the musicians are well focused and defined. Their playing and handling of the instrument are well delineated. There is a distinct and stable separation among the musicians’ seating that it’s easy to imagine the size, scale and depth of the hall”.