OOPIIB SINGS IMPRESSION 2 to lighten your soul?!

Last year (2019), I heard wind that the Thai Diva Ms.Oopiib Pacharamon will be releasing her new album, “OOPIIB SINGS IMPRESSION 2”…I got really excited!

Why excited?! Not that I understand Thai language…or know her!

Well, my answer is ‘her voice’ that is alluring, sensuous and ‘joyful’.

I also find her singing to be ‘happy’ and ‘wide-open’…and her songs are of light jazz that may lighten the soul’s burden (?!).

This recording was done in an orchestra hall with an orchestra playing.

I must congratulate the recording engineer who was able to capture well the voice, artistry, emotion and joy-fullness of Ms.Oopiib, the intimacy of the musicians with their respective musical instrument, and the orchestra hall (Studio 28)...very few recordings were able to achieve the feat!

Through my audio system, I found the recording to be balanced, detail, layered, well spaced, and intimate…therefore I did not have to engage the ‘linearizer’ feature at the FM268C preamplifier. In other words, I found the recording made my digital source sounded good…A SHOW OFF PIECE!


Details of the Album (taken from the posting of El Hefe HiFi Malaysia)

Album titled: Oopiib Sings Impression 2
Genre: Classical Pop Jazz, Live Recording
Vocal Artist: Oopiib Pacharamon
Tracks: 10
Cd format: Audio Gold CD 16 Karat
Manufacturing : Thailand

Sample tracks:

Women and Sea

Dancing under Candle Lights

Album information:

PRODUCERS: Pongpan Channet, Piti Kayoonpan, & Pacharamon Naphasthanakiet
VOCAL ARTIST: Pacharamon Naphasthanakiet
SOUND MIXING: Pongpan Channet
MASTERING: Apollo Lab, Bangkok
LIVE RECORDING: Studio 28, Bangkok. (Singing together with orchestra)

Song list (10 tracks)

01. Women and Sea | รอวันที่ฉันไม่กลัวทะเล
02. That Kiss | อาลัยจูบ
03. Destiny of Love | ให้ฟ้าลิขิต
04. Only You | ที่รัก
05. Evening Sea | ทะเลยามเย็น
06. My Little Angel | นางฟ้าน่ารัก
07. Before You Say “Love Me” | หากบอกว่ารักฉัน
08. Flower of Love | ดอกเอยดอกรัก
09. Dancing under Candle Lights เต้นรำใต้แสงเทียน
10. Two of Us – Instrument | เพียงเรา