Another Veteran Audiophile’s Approach.

Our final destination landed at an experienced audiophile, Mr.Phan’s home. He is an audiophile with a number of audio years under his belt.

However, he did not carry himself as such. Instead he asked for some guidance or a few pointers to improve his audio set up.

He is indeed wiser than most?!

As time was pushing, we got straight to listening to some tunes of multiple genre.

After but a short tune, we recognized the Wilson Audio sound characteristic from his Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 7 speakers!

I must confess that there is a liking in me for the Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy series of speakers. Their sound characteristics or coloration (don’t believe in colorless sound…another confession) got me believe in high end audio…and bought the Wilson Audio Maxx 2 Loudspeakers!

Mr.Phan’s Wilson Audio speakers and his set up reminded me of how dynamic they sounded! Those lower mid bass was Fast and Furious!

When the source materials contained really low frequencies, those Puppies just kept giving till the entire room shook hard!

The Pass Labs 350.5 solid state stereo amplifier has so much juice in it that the sound presentation would never suffer!

The upper mid frequencies were dense, tight and control.

The higher frequencies were extended thus provided an airy soundstage.

All were well including the Turntable/ Analogue set up. 

If ever there be any constructive comment was that more attention to be given to room acoustics and balance placement of things in the same room.

There is without a doubt that Mr.Phan will elevate the sound performance of his audio system. I look forward to my next visit here.