Audio Research & Marten Speakers…A Solid Audio Foundation

That time around, I got myself and the usual audiophile gang on an audio road trip to Ipoh, Malaysia.

That audio room and set up belong to Mr.Lam.

Being quite new on the audiophile journey, he already owned a ‘Reference Grade’ Audio System from Audio Research, Marten Speakers, Kuzma Turntable, etc

I believed that he went into the hobby in a big way was due to the development of a pair of keen ears for admiration for the better sound quality.

To top that, he was eager and willing to learn to better that sound quality.

Lucky for him that our ‘Audio Connoisseur & Guru’ Mr. Joseph Ki (JoKi) was onboard that journey.

JoKi generously gave a few ‘pointers’ to Lam in speakers placement to better coupled them to the audio room.

Lam suggested that it would be an honor to him if JoKi would move the speakers for him.

JoKi usually would not…but since Lam (and I) insisted…

Being a good sport, JoKi patiently brought his ‘pointers’ of good speakers placement to reality.

It took a few good moves of the speakers to reach the desired sound quality, where the speakers disappeared in that audio room!

Given that the audio room was not huge and that the speakers were not particularly placed very wide apart, all of us did not hear and did not feel that the sound was sticky to the speakers.

Soundstage was extended from side wall to side wall, even to the very back of the speakers (to the front wall…depth of soundstage was improved!).

(JoKi was seriously at work! Kudos)

The lower frequencies (or bass) were cleaned up tremendously!

The mid and high frequencies were freed up!

At the end, everyone was smiling due to the good sound quality achieved and good music played….many thanks Lam!

Look forward to our next visit!