Clear Wave Ahead! (Part 1)


Those whom have followed ‘Open Door’ may recognizes this audio den.

Well, the differences here are the introduction of new loudspeakers and the source, a CD player.

The current source is the Acoustic Arts CD 1 player.

The current Loudspeakers is the Clearwave Symphonia 72 R.

Loo has decided on these floor-stander loudspeakers to achieve a very different sound presentation compared to his previous Rogers LS 3/5a monitors.

He has even designed and built a special central sound tuner…a reflector, diffuser?!…quite ingenious.

As for the rest of the audio set up…remained the same.

However, as expected, the sound presentation and quality have “subjectively elevated”.

The tonality remained neutral and balance, with a slight hint of ‘energized high’…good ear of the owner!

The soundscape managed to enveloped the entire living hall where the audio set up resided…unbelievable.

The dynamic, transient, attack, and extension have improved in quality and quantity…even to the satisfaction of a bass freak!

I could feel the extension of the lower frequencies even at the listening position and beyond!

For a fairly new set up but by an experienced audiophile, the result is pretty impressive…my salute.

Careful…the speaker cables are of 55cm length only?!