An Audio Master Cheong at Work!

I remembered my first meeting with Mr.Cheong, the owner of the audio system was like more than 2 decades ago.

Then, our first meeting was meant to be a sale of my Micromega Trio CD player to him.

I must admit that I did not keep a ‘close eye and ear’ over his progress in the “Audio Art”.

Over the years, I was told that most local audiophile that have heard or knew him have designated him, ‘Sifu Cheong’ (Master Cheong).

To be recognized by many as a Master in a hobby is a testament of achievement…

Over the years, I was told that Master Cheong has some followings…

…whether it be followers or students in the hobby…

…or his findings and/or philosophies in the ‘Audio Art’…

…and the ‘Art of Hearing’.

Maybe you could appreciate my enthusiasm and expectation when I was granted a listening session at the Master’s system.

His audio set up was located not in his home but at his work place.

He purposely went back to his work place after working hours for that listening session.

Upon first sight of the audio room and components set up, most guests would not find them enticing.

However, I was there for the music, the ultimate system performances and the Master’s Arts!

The Master has some helps throughout the listening session…in the form of 2 gentlemen (thanks guys).

They started with some Percussion music then Big Bang, Classical, Vocal, POP, Disco…I could not believe that I was hearing ‘rightly sized’ musical instruments being played in a soundstage much wider than the width of the room…

…musical tones just popped in mid air all over the front stage that encompassed beyond the physical boundaries of the actual room space…MAGICAL!

The airiness, spaciousness and atmosphere of the recorded venue was presented ‘live’, with believable scale.

The bass and dynamic were tuneful, articulate and agile.

The tonal balance throughout the musical genres and formats (digital CD and Vinyl) played was clean with a slight tilt at the upper frequencies, which was by the Master’s choice.

In audio or anything, a true Master appreciates the belief that “A GAIN COMES WITH A LOSS”

…is all in the balance.