Our Local Hero, Eric Goh’s Audio System! (Part 1)


I m sure every audiophile community has one or more ‘Hero’.

I am so glad that in Malaysia Audiophile Society (MAS), we have a few gentlemen that have contributed to the hobby, without consideration, that I called and saluted them as ‘Hero’.

Mr. Eric Goh is definitely a ‘Hero’, whom have been in the hobby for 40 years (and counting) and run a FB account to promote the hobby with occasional reviews for some serious gears.

When an opportunity arised to listen to his audio system, I grabbed it immediately.

He sacrificed the living hall of his house to properly set up the audio system…he has a very understanding and accommodating wife and family.

His audio complimentaries are as follow:-

Audio Research Reference 3 preamp,

Audio Research VT-130SE power amp,

Audio Research 300.2 power amp,

Audio Physic Virgo 25 Anniversary speakers, JBL 4348 Studio Monitor,

Shanling T3.2 CD transport,

D3.2 DAC,

Marantz SA-11S2 SACD player,

Furutech Daytona 303 power conditioner,

Frank Power Bank,

Furutech Nano flux power cord,

and Taoc TITE-35S, TITE-46GP.

His musical presentation preference here was of the warmer side.

He played some vocal tracks for me and I found the presentation contained enough ‘human elements’ and ‘naturalness’ to hit the right spot.

The audio system’s musical presentation was not of technicality but of musicality.

I would not expect extreme resolution here but would be treated with ‘immersive musicality’.

Later into the listening session, I asked for faster paced music.

Then Eric accommodated me with some Chinese Drums tracks and at much higher volume level.

Wow! Immediately, he passed me the remote control to his preamplifier to volume up at my discretion!

I dared not push too high in fear of the neighbour’s complaint!

Eric assured me that it’s alright!

Go ahead…play LOUDER!

Oh Yeah…we played real loud!!! (At peak 108dB)

The musical integrity was there!

I think our Hero knew what he was doing.

The audio system was pushed real hard for more other tracks at that ‘real loud’ level…

Even though at that ‘real loud’ level, the audio system sounded quite relax and soothing, at times.

A memorable and enjoyable experience for me and am sure for ‘round 2’ in the near future.