LEONIDAS ready to write the Audio History?!

You guessed it!

It’s from Greek!

It’s from the Pilium Audio!

They are launching their massive and ultimate integrated amplifier that may beg the question why even bother a pre power combo?!

Leonidas comes with 4 massive transformers: 2 transformers for the line stage section and 2 transformers for the power amplifier section.

Expect the unexpected audio juices…the Pilium way!

I was most impressed with their initial offerings; Brutale Ares preamplifier and Brutale Achilles stereo amplifier…that managed the demanding JM Lab Utopia Grande EM at slightly above 120dB (give or take 1dB?!).

If quality, transparency and neutrality in amplification of the Brutale are in Leonidas…then Leonidas will make Audio History !