A Master Reference at Seremban?!


Mr. Ng (nickname Kai Tan Lou) was a well known audiophile here in Seremban. He was a well respected and well spoken of throughout the country. So you could imagine how honored I was when an invitation was extended to me for a night listening session with him…Thank you, Sir!



His latest addition, the TriangleArt Master Reference Turntable was a pleasurable sight and an audio delight. We played a number of sumptuous vocalicious tracks. 


In short, my ears turn wet with imaginations…yes, Mr.Ng has spent countless of hours unending to fine tune his audio system to achieve that pleasurable phenomenon!


His hard work was paid off in spades!



I remembered that the TriangleArt Master Reference Turntable came into my audio den for review. However, I did not remember it sounded that “masterfully tuned”!


Another visit was called for!