What Florian Cossy of CH Precision has to say?


TK Han, the Head of Reference Audio (Singapore) and Rave Audio (Malaysia) brought Florian Cossy of CH Precision over to my audio den.

It was not really a listening session (but music was in the menu) but more of a talking session. Here, Florian shared to us some excitement about CH Precision. He was not shy about the success of the brand throughout the world. Indeed CH Precision component has entered into many prominent audiophile almost everywhere, and for good reason!

I asked him what loudspeakers he used for his standard benchmark? CH Precision uses Gobel ‘Bending Waves’ Epoque Aeon loudspeakers with a single Epoque Aeon Baforce woofer, Stenheim Loudspeakers and etc. They have their own offerings of cables. (But) Florian was open minded about customers’ preference of cables and turntable with his products. When we came to the question about audio racks…he built his own simple rack(?!).

All CH Precision products were designed with detail and meticulous measurements. Then they would go through extensive listening sessions and would go back to re-measurements. That process would go through  numerous times until all attributes could be repeatable scientifically (reminded me of the High End Watch Making?!).

Even the selection of parts were not only sourced from the best manufacturers of the highest and durable specifications (the SWISS tradition), but specifically designed of a certain specifications for the ultimate audible attributes.

Thus, the birth of specifically spec’ CH Precision (Red) capacitor. That Capacitor was so ‘not off the shelves’ specification. It was not a higher specification than the highest specification of capacitor of that range. CH Precision wanted a ‘certain modification’ in the specification of that capacitor that would contribute audible improvement, within certain bandwidth. To obtain that specific capacitor, the manufacturer has to ‘build it’ for them and it has to be really a substantial order! CH Precision committed to it!

CH Precision’s commitment to their customer allow the new capacitor and other new innovations to be readily and easily upgradable to older designs and units.

Florian was serious about CH Precision commitment to their customers and their investment… he considers them his family!