Vermouth Audio Red Velvet Balance Cable…fit for the Audio Titans?!


Hendri Ramli, the “Head Honcho” of Vermouth Audio

Vermouth Audio from Indonesia have been really busy. They have successfully expanded their catalogue from cables to loudspeakers, integrated amplifier, audio cable plugs and more.

They have sent me their Red Velvet balance cables for some time (now in its Mk.2 iteration). All those time, I have connected the Red Velvet to the bass tower of the Gryphon Pendragon loudspeakers (then), to my current Gryphon Kodo loudspeakers, to the Rogue Audio Apollo tube mono amplifier and etc. My conclusion then was that it is high performance at real world price.

Recently, I received an ultra end tube phono amplifier from Kronos Audio. I decided to use the Vermouth Red Velvet to connect it to my FM Acoustics 268C preamplifier. As the community in audio knows how large the gap in pricing of those components compared to the Red Velvet. To my pleasant and ultimate surprise, the Red Velvet stayed connected between them in part during the review of the Kronos Audio Reference Phono Amplifier (the review of Kronos Audio Reference Phono Amplifier is available here).

The Red Velvet as part of the conduit between the audio “Titans” was transparent to their attribute. The lower registry or bass performance was detail, directional, delineated, defined and control. The treble was on equal footing to the lower registry thus presented sonic images closed to “an actual touch”.

Vermouth Audio Red Velvet Balance interconnect have my salutation as a High End Conduit worthy of today’s Ultra End Audio Components.