Aries Cerat Incito S…follow up (after review)


Many whom have followed me here know how much I love the Aries Cerat Kassandra 2 LE Digital To Analog Converter. It’s tube based ladder DAC with a tonality closest to a Top End Analog Turntable rig with the Top Ender Phono Amplifier. It’s mid is luscious, seductive and capturing. The dynamic and slam are fast and pounding like great Analog. The highs are natural and lively. Expect the very best from the Kassandra 2 LE, which I did and I am satisfied.

The Aries Cerat Incito S may not be the flagship of preamplifier in the staple. Nevertheless, it is a conduit that allow ‘almost’ the same amount of satisfaction as my reference Audio Note M10S. That is ‘no mere statement’ considering the huge difference in price, part and brand standing.

Therefore, the Incito S is still on active duty together with my M10S…my heartfelt thanks to Aries Cerat.