Reel to Reel at Rave Audio Malaysia! An unforgettable experience


I was personally invited by TK Han to audition his latest representation, The Genesis Advanced Technologies Maestro loudspeakers with the Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated amplifier and the Studer 810 Reel to Reel Analogue Source. Suffice to say that I enjoyed the whole 3 hours plus musical presentation. We played Pavarotti, Chasing the Dragon, Opus 3 and Reference Recording Arnold’s Overtures.

The density of each musical note and image were beyond most vinyl record player. The extension of the highs was limited only by the high ceiling of the premises. The transient from f to ffff was vivid, clean and extended all the way to the back wall.

It was an “Out of my usual analogue box” experience! Thank to TK Han for cutting short my Analogue Learning Curve…delighted

Please check out the video below!