Eva Klesse Quartett was “LIVE” in my audio den through the Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeakers?!


Recently I was invited to a jazz performance by Eva Klesse Quartett from Germany at University Malaya. I didn’t know them before that performance but was quickly impressed by their play and music. Thus I bought their CD albums.

As an eager audiophile, I play those albums upon returning home and tried to play around my set up to attain that level of excitement, energy, power and liveliness from that live performance.

The Gryphon Kodo Loudspeakers System and the total Vitus Audio Digital and Amplification System gave me the illusion of realism that I craved for. I just have to closed my eyes, and my mind and ears could easily tell me that they were playing in my room…WOW! (passionately)