Continuum Caliburn Turntable and Cobra Tonearm…my first encounter in 2013


My First Encounter and Experience

This is one of, if not, the BEST analog rig, The Continuum Caliburn Turntable with her Cobra Tonearm fitted with My Sonic Lab cartridge from Japan, at a price tag of US200,000-00, connected to probably the Best phono stage, the Vitus Masterpiece MP-P201 Phonostage at US60,000-00. This analog rig is already connected to Michael’s audio system that is able to portray a “Theatrical like” presentation without it, but with it, the whole presentation is taken further or I should say, enliven further with high density, palpability, detail, definition, focus, imaging, air, atmosphere and the list goes on and on…WOW!