Audio Note M10 Signature and Aries Cerat Kassandra Limited Edition Digital to Analogue Converter

Audio components that kept you awake 
Audio Note (UK) has offered to change the mono volume attenuater at my M10Signature tube pre amplifier to their latest 36 steps tantalum mono attenuater. The advantage of a more refined volume control are apparent especially with a high output source such as the Aries Cerat Kassandra LE DAC.
I quickly have the returned M10Signature set up in my system. After some hours of warm up, I realized that I am back in connection with my music. Both the Audio Note and Aries Cerat worked very well together in bringing music to an “emotional engaging state”. I listened to that audio system from night to near 5am in the morning.
Am I that crazy?! With the right music and the right instruments, I admit that I am so. When music touches the soul, and engages the mind and heart, time stands still. That pair of Audio Note and Aries Cerat is that enticing.